IAFN focuses on online conference programme as COVID-19 brings a halt to offline conferences

The International Asset Finance Network (IAFN) announced today (March 17, 2020) that it is replacing its planned June conference at ETCvenues in Houndsditch, London, with an exciting line-up of online conference sessions that will keep the industry up-to-date with the latest market, technology and regulatory opportunities and challenges at a time when meeting face-to-face is no longer possible.

The new event, which will be available to finance professionals free of charge, will run as a series of lunchtime online sessions that will start in April 2020 and continue into the summer and beyond.

Edward Peck, co-founder of the IAFN, said: “As long as the crisis continues – the sessions will keep on coming! We are delighted to be offering our high-quality conference content to a broader and even more international audience online.

“All of the elements which have made our physical conferences the largest and best attended auto and equipment finance event in Europe will now take place online – including streams of content for equipment finance providers, consumer auto and business auto finance.

“We will continue to focus on cutting-edge research-driven analysis of new industry opportunities such as servitization, electrification, regulation, the platform revolution and future mobility trends and opportunities.”

We plan also to cover new emerging issues:

  • CORONAVIRUS: how the auto and equipment finance industry needs to respond to survive
  • MAKING ASSET FINANCE WOKE: the implications of the increasing focus of environmental issues on auto and equipment finance
  • THE SUBSCRIPTIONS CHALLENGE: research and case studies examining implementing an auto subscriptions service
  • SME ECOSYSTEMS: the theory and reality of emerging platforms which aim to provide added value for customers through integrated high-margin services

As well as the great line-up of topics listed above, please help IAFN get off to a flying start by requesting any additional topics you want covered.

Please send your ideas to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The online format will provide additional benefits for IAFN delegates,

Peck added. He said: “Because we are online, we won’t have to limit ourselves to local speakers – we can invite participation from the brightest and best in the global industry, whichever country they are working in. And because we are no longer limited to a single day, we can take the time to explore all of the topics in-depth to encourage much more discussion and debate.

“We want to keep the whole industry engaged and up to speed on the important issues in order to help us all navigate through the next few challenging months ahead.”

A priority will be increasing delegate participation in debate, using new technology, while case studies will be a key part of the format. Peck added: “We will also assemble panels who can help us to explore the issues raised by our keynote speakers in online discussion alongside Q&A sessions.”

Additional elements include ‘digitalising’ the coveted IAFN industry awards that celebrate the brightest and best innovators in the industry, including the unique PowerUP sessions, where finance dragons and delegates vote to identify the best and most interesting ideas from fintechs operating in the auto and equipment finance industry.